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 Crows and Ravens

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PostSubject: Crows and Ravens   Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:17 pm

Crows are known to be helpful when it comes down to managing emotions. If you have a negative situation or a negative emotion to be let go of, crow's voice can be heard on the wind suggesting gently to let go of your old emotion.

Crows are a fab totem for adaptability, change and transformation. If a new wind has arrived into your life and with it brings all sorts of opportunities, new pathway and knowledge then it is wise for people with this totem to trust in your instincts and listen to your own empathy-thoughts and abilities.

Similarly to Ravens, Crows are pretty resourceful totems to have. They are a fab symbol for creation and co-creation and also carry a lot of spiritual strength, wisdom, and knowledge. They are very perceptive for being solitary messengers, but still are messengers all the same.

Crow is often connected similarly to the likeness of Ravens which is connected to mysticism, magic and the representation of death; but it does not mean a true death; it just means symbolism of change and flexible changes in your path.

Raven Totem are blessed with inner vision, people with this totem are very much reliant on their inner vision to determine the way forwards. Raven while also can be solitary birds; they do symbolize magic and the natural essence of an earth-based path. If a raven totem has flown into our life, magic and new opportunities are definitely materializing making great changes for own development and also personal spiritual growth. Raven encourages the courage to take the thought that has been yearning to shape it into a dream and to craft it into a new reality and perspective.

Raven energies are fab for transformation, knowledge and imparting of wisdom, creativity, curiosity, change in perspective and perception, healing, clarity and truth. Raven is a fab totem for helping people seek answers within the unknown situations where the truth can be revealed and be aired and have light shed onto it.
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Crows and Ravens
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