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 Wolves Totem

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PostSubject: Wolves Totem   Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:16 pm

Wolf Totem

People with this totem are usually family-orientated and have an extended but supported
Family network comprised of friends and close relatives. They are usually very instinct-based and also trusting of instincts. Friendship comes in as a challenge for people with this totem because they have an inner circle of friends and family members who are considered close of kin.

Wolf Totems are very important and invite the new levels of teaching in our own awareness and psyche. Responsibilities often fall into the leader of the pack, but at the time, the decision is made by trusting of the gut instinct, in knowing whether or not the decision that is made is right.

This creature in spirituality and various earth-centered pathways is also known as the pathfinder and it teaches how to leap forward into a beautiful new chapter and new beginning.

Wolves actually aid us to help us look at the reflections within our inner selves, they also help us to see what's not so easily seen, they are very much a protective totem when it comes to helping us out. Wolves aid us to find the answer within ourselves so that we can broach the new chapter with a strong and positive attitude to our new pathway.

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Wolves Totem
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