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 Colour Chart

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PostSubject: Colour Chart   Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:38 pm

Colour Chart For Ribbon Readings - to be used as prompts; key words or as guidelines only - messages may be changed as to what you see in relation to sitters’ energy at the time of connection.

Red - Courage, Survival, Strength, Passion, Motivation, Base Chakra, Grounding, Stability, vulnerability, shielding

Orange - Sacral Chakra, Creativity, Emotional Self, Stamina, Will Power, For when blocked- Attachment Energy, Overreaction, pride, neediness in relationships, dependency, a good energy to work with to challenge someone and stand their ground as in not give them ammunition to work with, Fear, depression, jaded, lack of creativity, Self-sabotage and unhappiness, self-criticism, low self-esteem

Yellow/Gold - Solar plexus chakra - instincts, intuition, gut instincts, strengths, spiritual protection, positive emotions, moods, taking charge of one’s life and personal decisions, forming opinions and beliefs, mental abilities and intellectual mind, clarity of judgements, self-assurance and discipline, confidence, independence, will power and personal power, good colour to work to bring in the sense of unity and also positivity

Green - Heart Chakra - Listening to your heart, intuition, inner healing, positive diplomacy, tactful language,  truth, natural energy and nature, grounding, clearing energy in a positive way, clarity and illumination, positive intention and being in touch with higher self, shifting perception and this is the colour to work wit natural energy, and also allowing your light and true self to  shine

Blue - Throat Chakra - Communication, Voice, Truth, Friendships and Self-Expression in Creativity, but using positive language, letting voice be heard, expressing your beliefs and ideology, writing, journalling, interpreting your first thoughts and letting it flow, working with spirit or angel guides,

Purple - Third Eye - Spiritual Awareness, Development of Higher Self Awareness, Spiritual Awakening, Violet Flame, Guide Work, Meditation and Assisting with opening that of the inner vision, visionary work, dreams

White /Silver - Protection, Affinity with Moon & Stars, Clarity, Working with Higher Self, Meditation, Unlocking True Self and transforming into the person you want to be, changes, new beginnings also divine intervention
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Colour Chart
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