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A down to earth family group studying about life, paganism, magick, spiritualist pathway, psychic, mediumship, meditation, crystals, healing, etc.
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 The Quartz Family

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PostSubject: The Quartz Family   Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:20 pm

This is Amethyst. Amethyst in any form is a fabulous all around healing stone connected with awakening of the third eye. It is a protective stone particularly works when placed alongside variations of clear quartz as it helps to amplify the protection energy on an intensive level of awareness.

It can alleviate friend of the stone's moods and attract unwanted frequency vibrations if worn often enough when open, though. It cleanses; purifies and restructures and renews, transforming lower energy into purer energy.

It soothes fear and anxiety and alleviates depression from a vulnerable mind, it alleviates grief & sadness and relieves stress and irritability. It is fab stone to work with in dream work for dispelling negative vibrations and intentions as it disperses insomnia and also psychic attack. It can ease fears and bring peace of mind to those who feel as though they are under the influence of not just psychic attack but also intoxication as it presents the friend with clearer vision and motivation, as well as a clearer state of mind and level of awareness.

Auralite - Is a stone for balance and one of protection. It is also a powerful healing stone which can intensify any crystals that it works alongside with. Being a part of the amethyst family, it does also have amethyst healing properties as well and can incorporate those into anything that it works with.

Auralite is similar in energy to that of the super seven crystals, in the sense that it is so much more energized in the stone's consciousness itself, it can increase psychic ability, strength of awareness on an energetic level of vibration, it can assist in visions and connecting with the third eye awakening. It is also a fab stone to work with in kundalini as it can access higher realms of knowledge and inspiration. It is also good stone to link to soul travel and also dreams in the sense that it can encourage a purification process of personal intention and friends with this stone do have frequent experiences and visitations also from our angel friends.

It can release fear, worry, stress, doubt, negative blockages, and self-made barriers, resentment, grudges, judgement, angry and irritable feelings, it can also be used to recognize the beauty in natural harmonious and healing relationships from people around us and is also known as the Stone of Spiritual Blessings.

Work with this stone if you wish to release the tension within and use this stone to find a state of contentment within your life.
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Posts : 22
Join date : 2017-10-18
Age : 32
Location : Colchester, UK

PostSubject: Re: The Quartz Family   Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:20 pm

Fire and Ice Crystal

Actually one of our ethereal crystal guardians that I've asked to protect our site and raise vibrations within it.
It connects to all chakras and opens/closes them, as well as helps to balance and align them in general.
It helps to purify the energy around it within the work space and the living space, helpful for clearing away
ALL negative energy away.
It is a high vibration level of crystal vibrating purely on a positive level of awareness with positive intention.
Its also known as Quenched Quartz- and it can slice through old and new patterns of behavior
to determine the souls' purpose and manifestation of that purpose.
Connected to the Living Flow of Light to Our Earth, it is a beacon of true love and joyfulness.

Smokey Quartz

It is said to be the National Gem of Scotland and has been considered a sacred stone for some time!
The Quartz elements represent the sea and the calmness of clarity with the mind in the natural sense for calmness and clarity and focus. Smokey Quartz however is really good for a group setting, for a work place or work environment as it can transmute the negative vibrations and heal them into a transformation of positive thought vibrations.

Smokey Quartz's stone is the heart stone of endurance and of consistency. It is what it is that makes this stone so lovely to wear in jewellery. Shamans also carry this stone around with them for purity and conciseness in intention.
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The Quartz Family
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